Authorities Uncover Extensive Identity Theft Operation

Investigators from local, state, and federal authorities announced last week that they have made an arrest inconnection with an extensive criminal operation, which involved identity theft, high end electronics, and counterfeit money. The suspect was arrested last Thursday on the Boston Common after he allegedly attempted to purchase counterfeit money.

The alleged criminal enterprise involved a man operating out of a kiosk located within a jewelry store, named “Time Products,” which is located at Downtown Crossing on Washington Street.

Authorities believe that the suspect would procure credit card information from people, or use their identities to apply for new credit card accounts. He would then use that information to purchase iPads, high end cell phones, and other high end electronics.

Attorney General Martha Coakley stated, among other things, that “Runners were paid [to use] those accounts to obtain smart phones and other high-end electronics at discounted prices from stores across the Commonwealth.”

It is believed that the runners would use the acquired identities or credit cards to purchase the high end phones at a discount, by for example agreeing to a two year service contract. A local news station reported that the credit cards may have also been used to purchase gift cards, which were then used to purchase merchandise. The products were in turn then sold, either from the kiosk or on the street, at a lower than market price.

Police said that an undercover investigation, which is ongoing, ultimately led to the arrest of the suspect. The Boston PD commissioner said that more arrests are expected, in addition to the at least two other men who have been arrested on unspecified charges.

Credit card fraud falls within the category of identity fraud. The crime can be accomplished when an individual physically obtains a credit card, or by compromising data associated with the account. This can include the card account number or other information that would be available to a merchant during a legitimate transaction.

If you are being investigated for credit card fraud, or have already been charged, it is critical that you seek the counsel of an experienced Boston, Massachusetts credit card fraud attorney before you take any steps that may jeopardize your case. Only an attorney with specialized knowledge in the field of credit card fraud and identity theft will be able to properly assist you when facing charges of this nature.

In Massachusetts, a conviction of credit card fraud can lead to up to 2.5 years prison time and/or a $5,000 fine. Additionally, individuals found guilty of these provisions can be ordered to make financial restitution to the victims in the amount of the loss sustained as a result of the violation.

Patrick J. Murphy is a dedicated criminal defense attorney serving the Boston Massachusetts area. For almost 20 years, he has dedicated his career to the exclusive practice of criminal defense. He aggressively and successfully defends individuals accused of a wide range of crimes. Patrick J. Murphy is dedicated to helping you have your charges dismissed, securing a reduced charge, or otherwise achieving the lowest possible sentence. If you have been accused of committing credit card fraud, contact us today to schedule your free initial confidential consultation. You can contact us by calling 617-367-0450 or through our website 24/7.

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