Massachusetts Organized Crime Boss Sentenced to Prison

A 64-year-old North Andover man, who is described by prosecutors as the, “overall boss” of a loan sharking and illegal gambling enterprise has been sentenced to up to four years in prison.

Joseph Giallanella, who is also known as Jason Peters, was sentenced on Monday to serve time in stateprison for two to four years. The sentence follows Giallanella’s guilty plea on January 18 of this year, to two counts of conspiracy, two counts of accessory to larceny after the fact, managing of a gaming enterprise, criminal usury, and use of a telephone for gaming.

He was additionally sentenced to two years of probation upon release from prison.

Giallanella faces additional charges including assault and battery, attempted extortion, intimidation of a witness, and attempt to commit another to commit perjury. Investigations relating to this case resulted in additional indictments against 30 other individuals. His part of a criminal enterprise is noteworthy because it can potentially implicate the guilt of any co-conspirators involved in the criminal organization of which he is alleged to be a part of.

The potential sentences for conspiracy under Massachusetts law are severe. The intensity of the punishment depends upon the subject of the conspiracy. For example, if the conspiracy is to commit a felony which if accomplished would be punishable by death or life imprisonment, an individual could face up to 20 years in state prison or a fine of $10,000. There are also specific sentences for certain conspiracy crimes.

Additionally, under Massachusetts law, individuals found guilty of being an accessory to a felony, whether before or after the fact, could face up to 7 years in state prison and a fine of up to $1,000. This includes any attempt to harbor, conceal, maintain or assist the principal person and/or his accomplices before the fact, or helping the person to avoid or escape detention, arrest, trial or punishment, after the fact.

There are defenses to these crimes. An experienced criminal defense attorney can exploit any potential weaknesses in the case, including any tenuous arguments linking you as a potential co-conspirator or accessory after the fact. A strong defense attorney can help exonerate you or be the difference between losing years of your life in prison or merely serving a probationary period.

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