Major Crime Down for First Quarter in Boston

According to an announcement by Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis, there has been a significant drop in crimes in Boston during the first quarter of the year. The Commissioner believes that this is due in large part to dedicated police work and inclement weather, which keeps people inside.

According to police department statistics, crime rates from January 1 through March 18 of this year are as follows:

  • 7 homicides (compared with 8 during the same period last year)
  • 25% decrease in rape/attempted rape
  • 7% decrease in robberies
  • 16% decrease in aggravated assaults
  • 8% decrease in burglaries
  • 17% decrease in larceny
  • 14% decrease in vehicle thefts

However, shootings and firearm-related arrests are on the rise. By March 18, there were six shooting deaths in Boston, compared with five in the same period last year; nonfatal shootings are up 20 percent and firearm-related arrests are up 11 percent. Police believe that these sorts of incidents are typically the result of retaliatory action.

Authorities also credit the engagement of police officers within the areas they patrol, and the effectiveness of community watch organizations. But several prominent police authorities caution not to look too much into the declines, and warn that once the harsh winter clears, the lower numbers will likely not continue to trend.

Regardless of the true cause for the decrease, the police and many others within the community are satisfied that less crimes are occurring.

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