The Process of Removing or Recalling Massachusetts Arrest Warrant in Court

If you have an outstanding arrest or default warrant from any court in Massachusetts you are likely dealing with unwarranted stress and anxiety regarding possible detention by the police in addition to feelings of uncertainly about how the judge will ultimately respond to your absence from court. You probably also continue to worry needlessly about the underlying criminal case and how that matter will be resolved in court. By contacting an experienced Massachusetts arrest warrant criminal defense lawyer today, you can begin to immediately ease the tension you now feel and end the habit of looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.

If you have an outstanding Massachusetts arrest warrant and the police stop you for any reason, even a traffic ticket, they will look your name up in their computer system to check you for warrants. Once they obtain this information they will arrest you and detain you until you can be brought before the nearest court. Also, if you are arrested while in another jurisdiction or state, the authorities there can hold you in their jail as a fugitive from justice until the authorities in Massachusetts determine whether or not to dismiss the warrant or extradite you back to Massachusetts to stand trial. Indeed, the courts have been reluctant to release individuals wanted for alleged crimes in another state. Unfortunately, the extradition process can be sloppy and time consuming and defendants are often subjected to lengthy detention while the two different jurisdictions attempt to coordinate the transfer of an individual back to the demanding state. Consequently, defendants often end up being punished more than they would have been if they simply appeared in court with a lawyer to remove the default and resolve the underlying criminal matter.

Old court defaults or arrest warrants can also cause you problems in other ways. If you have an old arrest warrant, the Registry of Motor Vehicles in your home state can prevent you from either obtaining or renewing your driver’s license due an arrest warrant still outstanding in Massachusetts. It is much more effective to make arrangements to walk into court with an experienced private attorney to remove an arrest or default warrant rather than having the police bring you in Monday morning after a Friday night arrest and detention wearing the same clothes.

The Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy has successfully helped clients handle the removal of old arrest warrants and default warrants for nearly twenty years. Attorney Murphy routinely works with clients residing in other jurisdictions or states all across the country to provide them valuable assistance in removing and recalling old arrest or bench warrants in Massachusetts. Tap into Attorney Murphy’s long experience as a criminal defense attorney and let him utilize his cordial working relationships with the criminal court and the district attorney’s office to work on your behalf. Attorney Murphy will work on your case right away and begin by contacting the court and prosecutor to negotiate and work out the necessary arrangements for the removal of your outstanding court warrant. The general rule is that you must appear in person in court to remove the outstanding warrant but sometimes it may be possible to waive this requirement depending upon the age of the outstanding arrest warrant or the severity of the criminal charges.

The Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy will take care of all the legal groundwork and work diligently to negotiate a resolution of your criminal charges with the prosecutor before you arrange to come back to Massachusetts to remove your warrant and return to your home jurisdiction. Attorney Patrick Murphy is a skilled and knowledgeable warrant removal hearing attorney with extensive experience with the criminal process, including expertly handling bail hearings before the district, municipal and superior courts. If you or a loved one has an old outstanding arrest warrant don’t make the error of not hiring a good lawyer and representing yourself in court. Contact The Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy today and arrange to effectively handle your warrant removal hearing now by calling 617-367-0450 or filling our online contacts form.

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