“Molly” Found During Drug Arrest

Police made two arrests after pulling a car over on suspicion that the occupants were smoking marijuana, and found marijuana and several other illegal drugs.

Brookline Police stopped the car after police smelled burning marijuana coming from the vehicle and saw something smoking that was being passed between the passengers. According to the police report, when the officer inquired about what they had seen being passed in the car, the driver handed over the burnt marijuana cigarette. According to police, during the stop, they discovered a warrant for the passenger’s arrest for motor vehicle offenses. After placing him under arrest, police searched him and found the “Molly” along with Bupropion, and other drug paraphernalia.

The passenger was subsequently charged with possession of Molly, a powder form of Ecstasy, which is a Class B drug. He was also charged with possession of a class E drug, and cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. One of the officers recognized the Molly due to increased awareness of the drug following a recent death of a young woman who took the substance.

The driver of the vehicle, was charged with possession of Oxycodone, a class B drug, and was also cited with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

A conviction for a Class B drug, which both of the individuals in this case could possibly face, carries with it the following penalties for a first time offense:

  • up to 1 year of imprisonment, or
  • A fine not to exceed $1,000, or
  • Both fine and imprisonment.

A conviction for a Class E drug, carries the following punishment for a first time offense:

  • imprisonment for up to 9 months, or
  • a fine of $250-$2,500, or
  • both fine and imprisonment.

Additionally, though not mentioned in the article, the driver of the vehicle may also be facing separate charges related to driving while under the influence.

Drug charges are serious, and they can follow you the rest of your life. If successfully convicted, you could face a life of judgment by peers in applying for a job, or even by friends or family. In order to attempt to prevent the potential issues you will face, you can start by hiring an experienced drug crimes attorney. Remember that you have a right to have counsel present during any questioning, this includes if you have not yet been formally charged.

If you have been charged with possession of marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, or prescription drugs, you should speak with a Massachusetts drug crimes defense attorney as soon as possible. If you need a deeply experienced, practical and resourceful drug possession lawyer in Boston or anywhere in Massachusetts, please contact The Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy right away. You can contact us by calling 617-367-0450 or submitting the contact form on our website. With many years of active experience, Attorney Murphy is versed in all strategies for dealing effectively with drug possession charges.

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