Massachusetts State Police Search New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez’s House a Second Time

Just before two in the afternoon on Saturday, over a dozen state police cars pulled up to the home of New England Patriot’s tight end Aaron Hernandez, which is located in North Attleboro. While some investigators remained outside, many members of the K-9 and State Police Crime Lab units were seen entering the home. Reporters on the scene stated that police were executing a search warrant. The search is believed to be in connection with the death of the semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd.According to reports, three search warrants were issued in relation to the investigation earlier in the week, but the details have not been made public.

A District Court clerk magistrate further stated that while no arrest warrant had been filed for Hernandez, a local radio station reported that one had been issued on an obstruction of justice charge. The charge is reportedly related to destruction of video surveillance evidence from Hernandez’s home and his cell phone, which was allegedly turned over to authorities “in pieces.”

It was not clear whether police planned to execute that warrant simultaneous with the search.

According to family members of the victim, Lloyd was friends with Hernandez, and the two were reportedly together the day that Lloyd was allegedly murdered.

Police reportedly already searched in and around the home earlier last week. Additionally, police in nearby Providence, R.I., said they they were working with Massachusetts state police and North Attleborough police, specifically with regard investigating at a local strip club named “Club Desire.” The connection to the case has not been reported.

What this case rather clearly demonstrates, is that even an NFL football player is not immune to a criminal investigation. Merely being friends with someone who is later harmed can be enough to have the state turn their scrutiny towards you. Additionally, in relation to the investigation, at least one of Hernandez’s corporate contracts with a nutritional supplement company was reportedly ended due to the proliferation of this investigation.

Whether information is eventually revealed or not, the damage is done. In this case, charges have reportedly not even been brought against Hernandez, an allegedly prepared arrest warrant has not yet been served.

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